Rod Out Of The Stem Of Jesse

And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots.   Isaiah 11:1
This verse from the prophet Isaiah is a reference to the coming Messiah. We are accustomed to associations of the Messiah with King David, but Isaiah in this passage traces the Messiah back one more generation-to David’s father, Jesse.
Two passages in the Bible tell us all we know about Jesse. His father was Obed, the son of Boaz and Ruth. Thus, Jesse was of mixed blood, because Ruth was a Moabite and Boaz was a Jew. Jesse had eight sons, including David. One of the more beautiful stories in the Bible is how God, through the prophet Samuel, turned down all of Jesse’s older sons for the kingship of Israel in favor of David, Jesse’s youngest son. David had to be summoned from the fields, where he was watching his father’s sheep, to be presented for Samuel’s review. 
Why did Isaiah compare the coming Messiah to a Rod, or shoot, from the Stem, or stump, of Jesse? Perhaps to remind us that the Messiah sprang from a family of mixed Jewish and Gentile blood, signifying that He would be a deliverer for all people, not just the Jews. Isaiah also predicted that the nation of Judah would fall to a foreign power, thus bringing to an end the dynasty of David. But from the stump of this fallen tree, God would bring new life-the Messiah, who would reign in a spiritual sense over God’s people. 
Isaiah also spoke of the coming Messiah as a Root of Jesse. This name expresses the same idea as Rod out of the Stem of Jesse.