Leader And Commander To The People

The fifty-fifth chapter of Isaiah is one of many messianic passages in his book.  In this verse, the coming Messiah is portrayed as One who will serve as a Leader and Commander for the people to whom He is sent by the Lord.
A leader is a person who guides others in the pursuit of a goal.  He enlists others to work toward the goal, motivates and inspires them, encourages them through personal examples, and keeps them focused on their objective.  The name commander conjures up a military image.  He is more directive in his approach to leadership.  He knows what has to be done to win a battle, and he marshals his troops to engage the enemy in such a way that victory is assured.
As Christians, we have both a Leader and a Commander in Jesus Christ.  His objective is to bring others into His kingdom.  Our task is to follow His leadership as we bear witness for Him in the world.  As our Commander, He has the right to demand our unquestioning obedience.