Seeds Are For Planting

Any farmer knows if he eats his seed, he will be in trouble!
All God has to work with is what is sown or given. He can’t produce a crop if we haven’t given Him the seed to multiply. Make a habit of giving, whether your income is large or small.
Unless you give when your income is small, you will never give big. If you haven’t developed the habit of giving tithes and offerings when you are making $90 a week, you will never do it when you are making $1,000 a week. We must be obedient to the basic principle which remains the same regardless of our income. 
Jesus said if you don’t have anything to give, sell what you have to get some seed. 

Don’t Eat Your Seed

Luke 6:38 says, Give, and it shall be given unto you…But some people eat their seed: They use all that they receive on themselves until they have nothing to give.
A good example of what happens when you eat your seed can be seen in the life of a man I met in Montana. He picked me up at the airport and drove me to a meeting. Though he did very little talking, I could tell everything was going wrong for him.
After the last meeting of the seminar, he came to me and said, “Brother Capps, my wife and I are in bad financial trouble. She doesn’t have a job, and my job doesn’t pay enough to meet the bills. I don’t know what we’re going to do!”
I said, “Let’s pray.”
Not knowing how to pray, I prayed in the Spirit. As I prayed, the Spirit of God said to me, “He has eaten his seed. He has taken money he should have given to the Gospel and used it for other things.”
As I prayed for that man, the Lord said, “Give him $100. Then tell him not to spend it on himself, but to give it away.”
He told me later that the Lord had already spoken to him about giving to two ministries. But he said, “I didn’t have any money to give.” He took the money I gave him and divided it between the two ministries.
About three months later when I went back to that town for another seminar, the man said, “I want to tell you what happened: I got a raise and my wife got a job! Our financial problems are over!”

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